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Cisco certs & networking blogs

There are a number of blogs out there published where the author discusses about their journey to becoming certified as a CCNA, CCNP or CCIE. Some of these blogs are motivational and some are more technical. Some of these have also been recognised by Cisco1 in their annual IT Blog Awards.

Below is a list of blogs worth looking at if you are interested in learning about networking and certifications. (*in no particular order)

Daniels Networking Blog is authored by Daniel Dib and this blog is about his journey to becoming a CCIE. Daniel’s blog was the 2018 winner of Cisco’s IT Blog Awards “Most Inspirational.”  

The Routing Table Kevin Blackburn is the winner of the 2018 Cisco’s IT Blog Awards “Most Educational” blog. Having failed on three attempts for his CCIE Routing & Switching, Keving became a CCIE in May 2019.

About Networks is Jerome Tissieres blog is about Cisco, Meraki, Huawei, Mellanox, Cumulus-Linux and others network systems. The related software for network planning, design, operations, troubleshooting and automation and his learning experiences in networking, software scripting and cloud. Jerome is also a Cisco Champion 2019.

Network Chuck is a social media influencer and produces videos on networking and certification. Keith Chuck, a network engineer, now is a trainer for CBT Nuggets. Chuck was the 2018 winner of Cisco’s IT Blog Awards “Best Podcast or Video Series”

David Bombal is a former CCIE and produces a number of programs, videos, labs, remote labs and software. This study material is for network engineers using Cisco, GNS3, Linux, Python network automation and Ansible and other network related topics.

Neckercube is authored by Jedadiah Casey a senior network engineer who was a finalist in the 2018 Cisco IT Blog Awards. On his blog there are links to study materials he has created including a detailed mind-maps and links based on topics and other materials for his CCIE studies.

CCIE by 30 is a blog written by Deirra Footman who started the blog to give back by sharing her knowledge and experiences with goal of inspiring girls and young women to pursue careers in technology as an advocate for STEM Education. Deirra’s blog won Cisco’s IT Blog Awards “Best Cert Study Journey” in 2018.

AVOA is a strategic advisory firm and holding company lead by CIO, Tim Crawford and gives his thoughts on business, the cloud, data, IOT, social media and technology….so not strictly a networking blog.


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